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Mission Statement

“To create and nurture an environment of hospitality and respect which can inspire and encourage all around me to discover, within themselves, the depth of life.”




Dr. Kathryn Greenaway has a doctorate in Psychology from York University (Toronto, Canada) awarded in 1984.  She is a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, the Ontario Psychological Association, and the Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.


Dr. Greenaway was the co-founder and Chair of the Guelph - Wellington Women's Health Advisory Committee and served on the Guelph - Wellington Hospital Redevelopment Committee (Blundell).  She is a Past Vice-Chair of the Guelph General Hospital Board of Commissioners and former member of the Continuing Education Faculty at the University of Guelph.  She has made numerous educational presentations and continues to present workshops and seminars.


A former member of the Psychology Department at the Homewood Health Centre for 10 years she has been in private practice since 1990.


Dr. Greenaway was born in Guelph, raised in Montreal, Chicago and Zurich, Switzerland.  Prior to returning to her university studies, she worked for an airline, and for a Caribbean Ministry of Tourism and has traveled extensively.



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Claristery: How We Can Live



Claristery: How We Can Live” is a comprehensive presentation for the workplace, for individuals, for couples and for groups. 


The “Claristery Map” can be used for:

·        team building,

·        improving relationships,

·        personal growth,

·        developing an understanding of how one lives,

·        learning how we can change, and

·        implementing strategies to make better choices for ourselves in all areas of our lives. 


This workshop is presented in various formats including retreats, lecture series and custom design for your workplace.  You can register for the next workshop on line if you wish.


Executive Coaching

This coaching is designed for executives who find their work performance is suffering due to stress and / or personal life circumstances.  I will help you define your difficulties and set goals for change.  We will identify your personal and attitudinal style and the factors, which may be an obstacle for you in attaining your goals in the workplace and in your personal life.


Individual Psychotherapy

My approach in therapy is very dependent upon the client and the issues you want to address within the time frame you choose.  My training is classical and the theories that inform my work are psychodynamic and existential, but I use a number of therapeutic techniques.



I do everything possible to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.  When your session concludes you may exit my office without entering the waiting-room area.  For our mutual protection, I am required to keep a written record of our sessions.  This information is recorded by me directly (not through a secretary) and cannot be released without your written permission (unless required by law.)


Who Are Psychologists?

Psychologists are regulated health service providers registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario to practice psychology in the Province within the framework of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and The Psychology Act, 1991.


To qualify for registration as a Psychologist a person must:


·        Hold a Ph.D. from a recognized university.

·        Successfully complete a comprehensive written examination that is standard throughout North America.

·        Successfully complete an oral examination designed to evaluate readiness for professional practice and knowledge of ethics and standards.



The College of Psychologists of Ontario

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